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Past Guerrilla Records "Artist of the Month"
The Johnny Walker Experience

Born Jonathan Wayne Walker, AKA “The Johnny Walker Experience”, I come from a wonderful family that has supported me all my life. "THE WALKERS." I began my career working with Prince as a Back-up dancer for his nightclub (Glam Slam) in Minneapolis, MN in 1994 and was a fashion model for world resound Horst, creator of “Aveda.” After the birth of my daughter “London,” I created “J’lon Entertainment Co.” and began my journey to make my mark in the music industry. I also traveled with Columbia/CBS recording artist and band “Radiant” for the Marriott Hotel chains as a front man and started to dream about working on a solo album. In 1991, I met an incredible producer by the name of Robert Rivera that co-wrote with me on two tracks where we recorded them at Paisley Park Studios. In 1998 a producer that was connected with the Teddy Riley camp approached me. Then going by the name of “Jmykaels,” I was asked to write verses on Melanie B.’s (Spice Girls) solo album “Hot,” Virgin Records, as well work side by side with Jack Knight on a few songs doing back up vocals for him and Monifa. Earlier, I met and became friends with super-engineer, Brad Yost, (“Scream”…Michael and Janet Jackson) for Jimmy “Jam”& Terry Lewis, owners of Flyte Tyme Records. Currently, Brad is working with me on a few of my songs on my forth coming album. Around that time I was introduced to Anne Nesby from the Sounds of Blackness, where I was sent to New York to meet with David Alexander for Marvelous Music where “Jamicia Bennett,” Anne's Nesby's daughter, was working on the “Jason Lyric” sound track. After meeting with David, I was sent to “Toi Green” A&R Director for Sony Records but then at PolyGram Records and started a working relationship with her that lasted until this day. “The Johnny Walker Experience” is an experience that the world must encounter.

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Featured Partners
Senor Rio Tequila
Senor Rio begins with estate grown 100% blue weber agaves cultivated in the ideal conditions of the arid red clay soil from the low lands in Jalisco Mexico, The pinas (the hearts of the agave plants) are harvested by hand after reaching maturity. They are then slowly cooked in traditional stone ovens. After being cooked, they are fermented with the tanks open so that the fragrance from the fruit trees, which surround the distillery, blends into the tequila naturally for a hint of tropical citrus. Finally, the tequila is double distilled by their master distiller to keep the true agave flavor of their premium tequila.
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Jägermeister Herbal Liqueur is imported from Germany by Sidney Frank Importing Co., Inc. For years, Jägermeister has been the #1 shot choice of millions. The marketing and advertising of Jägermeister has always been untraditional. Rather than pure print, radio, or billboard advertising, Jägermeister goes right to the consumer at the bar. Jägermeister reaches out to its fans through parties, spokesmodels, tap machines, and now, music.
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No Hookz Management

In 2008, No Hookz Management teamed up with Guerrilla Records and emerged as the premier management group on the East Coast. Over the last 5 years, No Hookz has continued to built relationships with artists from across the country, thus solidifying them as the top management company on the West Coast.

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Featured Artists
A high-strength adhesive, often made of two different materials that must be mixed together just prior to use. Various resins capable of forming tight cross-lined polymer structures characterized by toughness and strong adhesion. i.e. It's hard enough to kick your ass. Playing with such acts as Slipknot, Slayer, Hatebreed, Mudvayne, Fear Factory, Clucth, etc.
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KiD T.DOT is an up and coming artist from Norfolk, VA. “Aiming for the top is my goal. Nobody can press my breaks but me, so I will keep on moving.”  There have always been musicians around him. "I guess it’s just in the family bloodline". All he dreams about is being successful, helping his family and putting God first.  

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The name "Kuru" originates from the Japanese term: "Cool/Breezy"(or in American slang, "Cool"). The style of music Kuru creates stems from the type of music he likes- Electro Hop, Hip Hop, and Pop (or any type of club banger really). He’s experienced in Mixcraft, ClubCreate, GoldWave, etc. Since the beginning of his young musical career, Kuru has done the promoting, writing, and composing (with few exceptions). He is currently working out of Union Hills, Phoenix, pushing his name up the charts.

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Noel Bohlsen, known as "Oloy Lazaro", an aspiring actor, producer, designer, and man of many talents treats the world as his stage. Encouragement from legendary cinematographer Robert Richardson has acted as the catalyst of Noel's career
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