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Senor Rio Tequila
Senor Rio begins with estate grown 100% blue weber agaves cultivated in the ideal conditions of the arid red clay soil from the low lands in Jalisco Mexico, The pinas (the hearts of the agave plants) are harvested by hand after reaching maturity. They are then slowly cooked in traditional stone ovens. After being cooked, they are fermented with the tanks open so that the fragrance from the fruit trees, which surround the distillery, blends into the tequila naturally for a hint of tropical citrus. Finally, the tequila is double distilled by their master distiller to keep the true agave flavor of their premium tequila.
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Jägermeister Herbal Liqueur is imported from Germany by Sidney Frank Importing Co., Inc. For years, Jägermeister has been the #1 shot choice of millions. The marketing and advertising of Jägermeister has always been untraditional. Rather than pure print, radio, or billboard advertising, Jägermeister goes right to the consumer at the bar. Jägermeister reaches out to its fans through parties, spokesmodels, tap machines, and now, music.
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No Hookz Management

In 2008, No Hookz Management teamed up with Guerrilla Records and emerged as the premier management group on the East Coast. Over the last 5 years, No Hookz has continued to built relationships with artists from across the country, thus solidifying them as the top management company on the West Coast.

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